Restriction Cloning

Find and analyze restriction enzymes and simulate restriction cloning of a single insert into a vector backbone.

Course Content

Find and Analyze Restriction Enzymes

Select enzymes to simulate an agarose gel, view and export fragment information, and create a custom enzyme set.
5 minutes

Perform Restriction Cloning

Select a vector and insert for restriction cloning, choose enzymes, add additional inserts or rearrange inserts, and view the final cloning product.
3 minutes

Recommended Resources

How do I create a custom enzyme set?

Learn how to create a specific set of enzymes that you want to use repeatedly.

How do I find non-cutting restriction enzymes?

Select an enzyme set and produce a new document table of all non-cutters.

Can Geneious Prime find nicking enzyme (endonuclease) sites?

The "Find restriction sites" tool can be used to find and annotate sites for nicking endonucleases.

Manual for Restriction Cloning

A guide for using the restriction cloning tools in Geneious.

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