Gateway Cloning

Learn how Gateway cloning works and how to clone single or multiple fragments into an expression clone.

Course Content

Gateway Cloning with a Single Insert

Perform BP and LR reactions, design primers to amplify your sequence, incorporate AttB sites, and simulate a one-step Gateway reaction.
9 minutes

Gateway Cloning with Multiple Inserts

Understand the concepts behind multisite Gateway cloning, choose attB sites for correct insertion, design primers, and simulate BP and LR reactions.
7 minutes

Recommended Resources

How to add primers to Geneious Prime?

Add existing primers to Geneious Prime, either manually or by importing from external sources.

How do I design cloning primers?

Design primers to be exactly at the ends of the CDS.

Manual for Gateway Cloning

A guide to using the Gateway cloning tool in Geneious.

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