Microsatellite Analysis

Use the Microsatellites Plugin to import ABI fragment analysis files, visualize traces, fit ladders, call peaks and more.

Course Content

Fitting Ladders for Microsatellite Analysis

Ensure your ladder is accurately called. Check the trim on your traces is set appropriately and that the correct peaks are called in the ladder.
4 minutes

Setting the Loci for Microsatellite Analysis

Define the number of peaks, repeat units, and ranges for each locus. Add or remove additional loci and correct any incorrect or missing peaks.
2 minutes

Binning for Microsatellites

Predict bins, resolve any unbinned peaks, view graphs, and export the resulting allele table as a CSV file.
2 minutes

Recommended Resources

Plugin - Microsatellites Plugin

Download the Microsatellite plugin for Geneious Prime.

Microsatellites FAQS

Common questions on using microsatellite analysis in Geneious Prime.

Manual for Microsatellite Analysis

Guide to using the microsatellite analysis tools in Geneious Prime.

Getting Started with Microsatellites

Learn to use the Microsatellite Plugin to analyze traces from ABI fragment analysis machines.

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