A powerful and comprehensive suite of molecular biology tools for

Industry-leading tools,visualized.

Beautiful genome browser, reference mapping and sequence assembly.

Tree building and viewing without juggling files.

Streamlined microsatellite genotyping.

Awesome alignment visualization and editing.

Powerful SNP detection and variant calling.

Data. Your way.

Drag and drop to convert and import sequence data.

NGS? Sanger? Hybrid? Paired- end? Barcoding? Fragments? Annotations? Whatever your data, you’re covered.

Cross-platform: Mac,Windows, Linux.

Arrange and browse your data library however you like.

Customizable, extendible, awesome.

Download and install free plugins written by developers and the community.

Add your favourite algorithm, database or visualization to Geneious.

Share your program with thousands of Geneious users through our plugin community.

Create a top secret plugin that gives your researchers an edge over the competition.

Visual sequence alignment and editing

Choose from a wide variety of algorithms to align sequences without juggling files.

Sequence assembly with a clear graphical interface

Whatever your data, Geneious can assemble it, all in one software package.

Comprehensive molecular cloning, made easy

Design primers, simulate PCR and test cloning strategies using smart tools for Gibson and restriction cloning.

World class software for phylogenetic analysis

Build phylogenetic trees using the the best peer-reviewed algorithms then edit and decorate ready for publication.

Dedicated support

Get support when you need it from an experienced team who understand your research and software needs.

In good company

First released in 2005, Geneious is the world's leading bioinformatics software platform used by over 2500 universities and institutes, and commercial companies in more than 65 countries.

Geneious is used by all 20 of the top 20 Universities globally (Times Higher Education, 2012) and by seven of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies.

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