Geneious R11 Beta Download

Download Geneious 11.0.0 Beta for Windows

Some important details…

The beta version of Geneious R11 has been made available before the official release for testing purposes only. It contains the majority of new features for R11 but hasn’t been through our full quality assurance process.

You can use the beta version for free until R11 is released in October as long as you have a valid license. Once the beta period ends users on perpetual version-only licenses for R10 or older will need to purchase an upgrade to continuing using R11.

What’s New in Geneious R11

Volcano Plots for RNA-Seq Expression Analysis

Visualize gene expression in an interactive volcano plot that can be used to highlight and jump to differentially expressed genes.

Silent Mutation Analysis for Restriction Sites

Automatically identify point mutations in a coding sequence that will introduce a restriction site without affecting the protein.

Create Enzyme Sets

What’s in the freezer? No longer pull information from other sources. Now you can easily create your own enzyme sets.

New CRISPR Cpf1 Option

Added support for CRISPR-Cpf1 with a 5’ PAM site. Find sites in A and T rich sequences and with higher cleaving efficiency in vivo.

Pretty PCA Plots

Create beautiful PCA plots with better labelling and new visualization options.

FASTQ Import

Paired reads can now be associated with each other during fastq import.

Want to Know More?

Download the beta version and discover new features for yourself, or keep your eye out for the official release of Geneious R11 in October when we will unveil the full list of new and improved features.