Geneious Biologics’ Future Role in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Presented at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Conference

AUCKLAND, NZ – November 27, 2018 – Jannick Bendtsen, PhD, will address how next generation sequencing (NGS) is accelerating the field of therapeutic antibody research at the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics conference, at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, on December 11.

Dr Bendtsen’s talk – titled NGS is Accelerating Therapeutic Antibody Discovery: What Lies Beyond? – will examine how scientists face a growing need for software that enables efficient and accurate analysis of rapidly expanding data sets. He will also outline how Biomatters’ Geneious Biologics cloud-based enterprise software for analysis of antibodies and related constructs meets that need.

Dr Bendtsen is Vice President of Technology Services at Biomatters and development leader of Geneious Biologics. He will be joined in his presentation by Dr Liuhong Chen, Ph.D., Discovery Biology Team Lead at Bicycle Therapeutics.

Scientific Briefing: NGS is Accelerating Therapeutic Antibody Discovery: What Lies Beyond?
Presenter: Jannick Bendtsen, PhD, Vice President of Technology Services, Biomatters
Event: Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics
Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego
Date: 11 December 2018
Time: 12:00 PM (PT), Bayview Room

About Geneious and Biomatters

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