Genomics software for analyzing both your high-throughput and Sanger sequencing data

Geneious is a cross platform software that includes a comprehensive range of features essential for genomics. Geneious is compatible with a huge range of technology platforms- just select your sequence data and get underway immediately.


Easily create and share workflows based on your data and analysis. Try some of the built in workflows or design your own.

Whole Genome Alignment and Browsing

Renowned visualisation and editing of sequences. Switch between a wide-range of alignment algorithms.

De Novo Assembly

All sequence assembly follows the same steps in Geneious, whether you're assembling two strands (forward and reverse) or enormous sequence list documents from 454, SOLiD or Illumina. You can also select the Velvet plugin for de novo assembly of very short reads.

Read Mapping

Map data to a reference with peer-reviewed and trusted algorithms, so that you can publish with confidence. Choose from a variety of options for handling repeated regions for transparent control of the read mapping process

Variant Detection

Navigate reads in a beautiful browser. Easily identify, examine and resolve bases which do not match consensus sequences manually in the sequence viewer or quickly annotate variations on larger contigs.

Desktop NGS friendly

  • Drag and drop your data and annotation Your data. Your way. Geneious can import, export and convert common file types as well as their annotations and notes.
  • Paired-end, mate-paired or fragments Whatever your data, Sanger, 454, SOLiD or Illumina, Geneious can assemble it.
  • Hybrid assembly Assemble any mixture of 454, Sanger, SOLiD and Illumina data all at once. Got paired-end data with different spacer sizes? We’ve got you covered for that too
  • Visualize large documents After importing into Geneious, arbitrarily large documents such as raw NGS reads or contig assemblies can be read off disk, for the ultimate in speed of genome browsing.
  • DNA Barcoding For barcoded, tagged or multiplexed runs of 454 data, you can separate all reads into their barcoded groups for standard MID tags or your own custom barcodes.

Sequencing platforms supported

  • SOLiD
  • Ion Torrent
  • Roche 454
  • PacBio
  • Oxford Nanopore
  • Illumina
  • Sanger