Using Geneious for Population Genetics and Evolutionary Biology

Easy editing of alignments

Awesome visualization makes Geneious the best alignment tool around. Clustal alignment is built in to Geneious.

Study biodiversity and investigate divergence

Choose your alignment method, then build a phylogenetic tree based on your alignment.

Identify novel bacterial strains using de-novo assembly

Assemble short reads with Velvet

Determine gene flow between populations

Genotype with microsatellite analysis. Investigate large genomic events such as horizontal gene transfer with MAUVE.

Design cloning PCR experiments

One-step in-silico molecular cloning and PCR operations. Design primers for areas of interest using Primer3.

BLAST and download homologous sequences alongside your own data

Directly download fully annotated reference genomes.

Predict protein sequences from ORFs

Find and annotate all ORFs in a sequence from the Annotate and Predict menu.