Geneious Prime Bioinformatics Tools: Features & Benefits

Geneious Prime supports scientific research by integrating a comprehensive suite of bioinformatics tools with existing workflows. Geneious Prime’s molecular biology and NGS analysis tools include cloning, primer design, and de novo assembly, and can be customized with plugins and algorithms to provide the scope businesses need.

NGS Analysis and Genomics

  • De novo assembly or reference mapping of Illumina, PacBio, or Ion Torrent reads (any length, paired ends, barcodes), using industry leading algorithms, including TopHat and Velvet.
  • Comprehensive analysis of data, including genome browser, contig visualization, SNP calling, and RNA-Seq expression analysis.
Assembly & MappingVisualization & Analysis

Molecular Cloning

  • View plasmid maps, automatically annotate vectors, and copy-paste sequences with annotations. Find restriction sites; digest, ligate, and perform Golden Gate, Gibson, and Gateway cloning.
  • Design primers, find CRISPR sites, and optimize codons. Track history and parent descendant lineage throughout cloning processes.
CloningPrimer Design

Searching, Sharing and Automation

  • Batch BLAST against NCBI and directly search GenBank. Centralize and collaborate on data with seamlessly integrated shared repositories. Import and export most industry standard file formats.
  • Setup automated workflows to increase efficiency, control business processes, and ensure your work is repeatable.

Sequence and Chromatogram Analysis

  • Trim, assemble, and view Sanger sequencing trace files; correct base calls; and create consensus sequences. Automatic annotation for gene prediction, motifs, translation, and variant calling.
  • Genotype microsatellite traces with automated ladder fitting and peak calling and generate tables of alleles.
Analysis & AnnotationMicrosatellites

Alignment and Tree Building

  • Perform pairwise and multiple alignments of DNA or protein using trusted algorithms, including MAFFT and ClustalW. View and edit alignments with real-time translation and highlighting.
  • Build phylogenetic trees using peer-reviewed algorithms, including RAxML and PAUP*, and adjust display settings for publication-ready graphics.
AlignmentTree Building

Geneious Server

  • Extend the capability of Geneious Prime to take advantage of existing enterprise level infrastructure
  • Shift computation from the desktop onto HPC resources and enhance your productivity by removing analysis bottlenecks
Geneious Server

What’s New in Geneious Prime 2019

  • New features include Vector NTI Express database importer, Sanger sequencing primer design, custom codon usage tables, easy extraction of PCR and restriction digest products, and drag and drop export.
  • Discover all of the brand-new features, improvements, and enhancements in Geneious Prime 2019.
What's New

“Geneious cannot be overestimated! A (work) life without Geneious is no longer possible – it feels dark, cold and hostile…”

Jean-Charles Paterna, Viral Vector Facility (VVF) of the Neuroscience Center Zurich (ZNZ)